API Pre-requisitesΒΆ

Our API is programmed with the open source framework http://servicestack.net which allows us to expose the API handlers in a wide range of request and response types. The currently supported types are (also available by opening the API with a web browser)

So you have to decide which of the request/response types you want to use. We generally recommend JSON or JSV because it’s less verbose and incurs less overhead for our servers. If those are not applicable, feel free to use any of the other defined encodings.

For all of the examples in this documentation we will use JSON.

We currently have a .NET 3.5 +4 and a php 5.3+ client in the works, these will be available on github.

The .net library has been tested with both Microsoft .net and Mono 2.10. It also compiles perfectly in Visual Studio 2010 and Monodevelop.

If you are using a platform for which we have a client, please use it - it makes your life so much easier.


Share with us and other clients

If you happen to have a client for our API written in another language, we would be very happy to receive the code, so that other customers can benefit from it.

Simply throw us a pull request on github, or if you still haven’t joined the fantastic world of git, send us an email with a tarball of the source.

If you have decided which request/response types to use, or have downloaded our library, please read about the Important concepts before getting your hands dirty with code.

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